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I want to pay my ATT&T business bill online and found out that my bill went up on 50%,I look close and see extra charges for USBI.I do not know what is USBI.I look online and found out that is the long distance company.I call them for this billing information.Customer service rep take my name,my business phone #,my business location including zip code,then ask what is the reason I call them.I ask about charges posted to my bill and he told me that I have their service as long distance provider from February month 2013.I have a contract with ATT&T for 3 years package with a constant bill amount every month which one is included free unlimited long distance calls.Why I need to switch this service to make extra payments?Of cause,I did not authorized this service,but USBI rep told me somebody name who did this authorization for 3 different phone ##.When I said that I have only one phone and one location of business -rep provided me with all phone ##.One # was correct,it's my,but two others have a different area code and belong to different name business and located in Chattanooga,TN,what is 200+ miles from my business and I do not have any connection with those businesses.Name of the person I know,he is family relative,but he is not business owner and he only help that day in my business.USBI manager told me that between me and him,cancelled my account at my request,but also told me that I do not have any long distance service anymore and need to open account with any different company today or my phone will not work.Also he told me that I'm responsible to pay all my bills to USBI,because they are was my long distance provider for this month.I talk to my family member about this matter and he told me that he did answered my phone that day.Somebody ask his name and told him that they are making long distance survey,ask how service,now many lines we have,do we have fax,etc.They are did not ask to change the provider from this person,he can not do this,because he is not a manager,owner or an authorized employee to do any kind switches like this,they are just used his nice character,cheat him without feeling sorry.I wrote this complaint to help finally do something about this cheaters and give warning to other people : answer your phone only if you know who is calling you,check your caller id first before you get same problem what I have.

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