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My business line was suddenly being ADDITIONALLY billed by USBI. I was already paying Century Link long distance. My business line somehow had changes authorized by a COMPLETELY separate/independent business. I am now cleaning up the mess and have requested Century...
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I fell for their scam! They called and said that they *worked* with my carrier, Century Link. But as soon as I got my first bill, I realized Century Link had cancelled my loyalty agreement which saved me $35 a month. I immediately called Century Link in Sept. and...
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I didn't like
  • Service was discontinued yet billing continued
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Lately I have been getting calls from many companies claiming to be from Qwest. In reality they are "affiliates" of Qwest. If you talk to them they "discount your long distance, internet or phone service to a cheaper rate." Welll...... I hang up on...
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We were scammed by the same USBI organization -whoever they are. Sadly, it does appear that Qwest provides them cover. I\'m not sure what the relationship is between the two...

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