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USBI have scammed us by falsely claiming we authorised them to move our long distance to At&T using them. (their company is teleuno, Inc).How this goes down is very deceptive, a simple call saying is this so&so, you reply yes, they say we would like to show you some...
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they are doing the same to me i call and they tell me i have long distance and i don't!!!! i check and i don't.. then they say oh its because you did a long distance call.. **...

Audrey Vega

They did the same thing to me.

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USBI, a phony phone service. I was billed on my ATT home phone bill for $15,22 for WHAT. They advised I had applied for their service via computer. I filed a complaint with ATT and issued a stop order for 3rd party billing. ATT has to get something for collecting for...
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I'm pissed at USBI. It's a scam assisted by ATT. The phone company gets something for billing and sending the money to these orfices. I think we should all file a small claim in every local court and have USBI lose when no one appears to give testimony. I can't believe...
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