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Ya estoy cansada de esta propaganda Siempre *** lo mismo ya no quiero que llamen si les digo que es no y esa Karol dormida que trabajo es eso asi es facil cobral y cojer a las gente de PEN_ _ _ _.pero conmigo no.Porfavor no quiero que llamen por que voy a demandarlos.
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West Little River,Florida
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I received a call at home and usually I don't answer but I did there was a person saying that they had a package for me and I would be receiving the package by 4:00 p.m that day. the person was somewhat rude and starting asking me for personal information such a my...
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they are charging me for 2 months of "Comunicaciones Telefonicas Latinas" without my consent.The charge appeared in my ATT bill. Why does ATT not do anything with this situation. Now I have to call this company to cancel a service that I never asked for in order to...
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I started seeing charges on my AT&T phone bill from some random company called USBI. These were all long distance charges, (I had unlimited long distance for only $14 a month with AT&T). So I call USBI company and they said I authorized them to charge me for long...
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Unbelievable!, this just happened to my parents verbatim.We called AT&T and they indicated they have heard about many of these type scam, however, there was nothing they c...


USBI that's true they fabricated recording. Right now We try to contact them but just hang up and the amount wow it's around 1500 dlls

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